Oil Changes For High-Performance Cars

At Bob's Premier Automotive Repair in Richland Hills we know there's nothing more important for a high-performance automobile than a regular oil change. Whether you drive a new BMW or classic Chevy muscle car your engine exerts intense power, heat, and compression. You don't need just any oil change, you need an oil change made for high-performance vehicles.

At Bob's Premier Automotive Repair we install oil filters that range from organic fiber to metallic depending on your driving style and application. Depending on your utilization, we will add conventional, blended, and fully synthetic oil needed for daily driving, or fully synthetic formulas specially balanced for friction reduction when racing.

Maximize performance and horsepower and minimize the damaging effects of heat and friction with a regular oil change at Bob's Premier Automotive Repair. Call 817-284-5550 to set up an appointment or stop by our auto repair shop in Richland Hills located at 6735 Baker Blvd.